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Car Maintenance Tips

professional car detailNow days, we practically live in our cars but sometimes we forget how important it is to take care of it. Maintaining your car with a regular maintenance schedule in the following ways can help it not only to look better but to perform better. (Follow your owner’s manual for the best advice.)

What To Do

Check Your Air Filter – Car problems can be due to faulty air filters. It is recommended to change your filter every 12 months.

Inspect Fluids  – That includes oil, power steering flue, and transmission fluid.

Check Tire Pressure – Incorrect tire pressure can lead to an accident.

Check Your Battery – Don’t leave yourself stranded. If there is leakage or mineral build up, be sure to clean it when necessary.

Change Your Spark Plugs – Spark plus usually last for 30,000 miles. This can cause the engine not to work efficiently.

Rotate Your Tires – This will help your tires last longer and may prevent a blow out if your tires are unevenly worn.

Clean Your Windshield – A dirty windshield can cause accidents if the driver doesn’t have a clear view of the road.

Check Your Wipers – Replace them before the rainy season. Damage wipers can cause scratches in the glass which can cause a full windshield replacement.

Check Your Belts – When belts fail, they can cause damage to other parts.

Inspect Your Cooling/Heating System – Inspect the hoses before you have expensive repair.

Check Your Brakes – If your brake system is working properly, it ensures safe driving for you, your passengers and the people around you.

Cover Your Car – Keeping your car out of the sun helps the paint to last longer. If you don’t have a garage, you can cover your car with a cover custom designed for your make or model.

Protect Your Headlights – It’s extremely dangerous if your headlights are cloudy when driving at night.

Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out – Maintain your car by having an express wash on a regular basis and a full detailing every few months. At Lux Car Wash, we are here for you and your car.

Drive safe! Remember to always drive below the speed limit and avoid sudden stops, do not use your phone or any other thing, which might distract you and take your eyes off the road. Always wear your seat belt!



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