Car Care Carpet Tips


Have you ever considered that your car’s carpet might be the reason the rest of your car smells bad? While this is not always the case, it is often the main cause. Fallen food crumbs, strands of hair, and trash can leave behind a horrible odor and a terribly dirty car. So, in order to bring that fresh smell into your vehicle, here are a few simple car care tips to cleaning your car’s carpets.

Throw Trash Away and Organize

It is pretty obvious, but a lot of people forget to clean the trash out of their cars and to organize. They leave behind trash, such as empty water bottles and candy wrappers. These can create a smell in your car. So before you start cleaning your carpets, tidy the place. Throw out all trash and place things such as smelly gym clothes outside the car so that you can wash them later. Never leave anything that has odor in the vehicle, as it can make matters worse. Also, be sure to tuck away small items into your clove compartment. For instance, don’t leave a GPS out in the open and do not leave a clutter of CDs everywhere; hide them away.

Remove Mats and Shake off the Dirt

This is a super easy car care tip to do and all you will need is your hands. You would be surprised how much dirt comes off when you take off the car’s mats and shake them off outside. You might find tree leaves falling off along with food crumbs, change, and pieces of cereal you gave your kid a while back.


Once you have removed the crumbs and easy dirt, vacuum your mats and carpets. Be sure to get as deep under each car seat as possible, since dirt can hide in the most unnoticed places.

Clean Carpets and Mats with a Detergent

Once you have followed the above car care tips, it is time to get down to the core of the carpets. You will need a mild laundry detergent and a soft-bristled brush. You can always purchase a car carpet cleaner, but it is not necessary; a mild laundry detergent is just as effective. Or you can use baking soda, which is effective at removing dirt all while eliminating odor. Then, you will need to apply the detergent or baking soda onto the carpets and use the brush to scrub off the dirt. Once you are done, keep the car’s doors open and air dry the carpeting. In the meanwhile, do the same process on the mats, using the detergent and the brush to remove remaining dirt. When the carpets and mats are dry, you will be good to go.

Maintaining your car’s carpets should not be a huge chore. If you follow these simple, yet effective car care tips for cleaning your carpets, your car will smell fresh and look new again on the inside.

Hope these tips helped you out! We hope you return to our blog for more car care tips. At Lux Car Wash, we always offer FREE Self Serve Vacuums with your Car Wash service.