Lux Car Wash Preferred by Car Owners

Why Car Owners Adore Lux Car Wash in Altamonte

Everybody appreciates great services, which is something that Lux Car Wash excels at. Here at our Altamonte car wash, car owners constantly come in with praise for the work we do. However, that is not all that our customers love about our car wash. Here are a few other things that makes them come back to us time and time again:

High-Quality Services for Affordable Prices

Not all car washes have reasonable prices. Nevertheless, here at Lux Car Wash, our services are affordable and meet our customer’s needs no matter what they are. If you are looking for a simple express car wash, you will get the best express service in Altamonte, and if you are looking for a full car wash detailing service, you will also get that service, the best in the area, for a decent price. Plus, we always make sure to only use high-quality products and equipment to make sure that your car is washed properly and safely. If you need your car waxed, we will provide the best car waxing job at a price you will not find anywhere else. So it is no wonder that our customers believe we are the best Altamonte car wash. At Lux, we really do strive to make our customers happy with the work we do.

Plenty of Discounts for All

Because we love making our customers happy, we know that discounts are the way to go. Throughout the week, we give a variety of discounts that help our customers feel appreciated and welcomed. On Tuesdays, which is Ladies’ Day, ladies can come in and take $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail service. On Wacky Wednesdays, anyone can come in and take $3 off an express wash service. And on Thursdays, now Men’s Day, men can come in and take $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail. This way, no matter what you service you need, you have plenty of discount opportunities throughout the week to help you save some money.

Lots of Ways to Save

Another reason why our customers think we are the best Altamonte car wash is because there are so many ways for people to save money with us. On top of our wonderful, affordable prices and the many discounts we give, we also offer our customers other ways to save on cash. Whenever you get a service with us, we offer a vacuum service at no additional cost. Yes, you read that correctly. We provide free vacuum services when you pay for any service with us! We also have the Unlimited Car Wash club plan that allows you to pay a one-time affordable monthly fee and come back as often as you want for unlimited car washes for the month that you paid for.

With the amount of fantastic services we at Lux Car Wash provide at great prices, it is no wonder that so many of our customers think we are the best Altamonte car wash around. Next time your car needs a wash, be sure to come check us out!