Car Wash in in Maitland

Why choose Lux Car Wash for Car Care in Maitland

There are many car washes in Maitland, and you have probably driven past a few. However, how do you know which one is the best? In terms of the services and the prices, where should you really go to get exactly what you deserve? At Lux Car Wash, you will find the best of everything-car-wash that you need for car care Maitland. Here is why you should choose Lux Car Wash:

High-Quality Services for Affordable Prices

You will never find prices as amazing as those at Lux Car Wash. For instance, the basic express wash is only $6, and the basic full service wash is $16. All your car care Maitland needs can be taken care of at affordable prices, but the best part about that is that the services are all of the highest quality. You will find top-of-the-line equipment and the safest products to use on cars at Lux. No matter what service you are looking for, Lux can do the best job at a great price.

Plenty of Discounts for All

Lux Car Wash appreciates its customers, which is why Lux gives discounts throughout the week. So on top of affordable prices, Lux likes to give extra gifts to you. Each Tuesday is Ladies’ Day, and ladies can come in and take $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail service. Wednesdays are Wacky Wednesdays, and anyone can come in and take $3 off an express wash. Each Thursday is Men’s Day, and men can come in and take $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail. Why go to another car wash when Lux has everything you need plus amazing discounts on top of already amazing prices?

Unlimited Car Wash Club

Another reason Lux Car Wash is the best for your car care Maitland needs is because it has the Unlimited Car Wash Club membership. This membership lets you pay a low-price, monthly fee, and then you can come to Lux Car Wash any time you want as often as you want throughout the month you paid for. In other words, you could literally come ten times a day to get your car washed and you would not be charged extra. Our cheapest Unlimited Car Wash Club plan starts at $20, which is $0.66 a day, and who can argue with that?

Free Vacuum Service

If you want the inside of your car vacuumed to get rid of those annoying tree leaves that snuck their way in, then Lux Car Wash has got you covered with a free vacuum service when you pay for any service with us. If you are looking to save on money, you can even come on Wacky Wednesday, pay only $3 for an express car wash, and get your car vacuumed for free at our self-service vacuum center!

So why should you choose Lux Car Wash? With great prices and simply the best services designed to meet your car care Maitland needs, Lux Car Wash is the undeniable choice.