Discount Ladies Day at Lux Detailing and Car Wash

Discount Ladies’ Day at Lux Detailing Centers Near Maitland

No one hates discounts, except for the Grinch maybe. With everything being so expensive nowadays, getting a few dollars off something we really want is the greatest gift we can ask for (other than receiving a completely free gift). So what can make your day brighter? Ladies’ Day at Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers near Maitland, of course! “What is Ladies’ Day at Lux and what do I get out of it?” you may ask. Well, Ladies’ Day, which takes place every Tuesday at Lux, is a day of discounts just for the ladies, and you get to pay less for an express detail service.

How Much Discount Do Ladies Get?

When ladies come to Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers near Maitland on Tuesday, they get $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail service. This is great, because Lux’s services are already affordable, so with the added discounts, you can feel sure that you saved lots of money unlike if you were to go to a different car wash near Maitland.

Best Service, Guaranteed

There is nothing better than knowing you will get the best service around for every dollar spent on your car. At Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers Maitland, we guarantee satisfaction by exceeding industry service standards. And if you are unsatisfied for any reason, your car is backed by our 48-hour clean car guarantee. Simply bring your car back to us, and we will not rest until your car’s needs are met.

Free Gift

At Lux, we want to give you the gift of a free vacuum service. So on Ladies’ Day, be sure to ask us about our service, and we will vacuum your car’s interior for you at no additional cost (part of a Full Service Car Wash). We will even vacuum the trunk and underneath carpets.

Some Other Services You Might Find Helpful

Basic Express: We will wash, rinse, and dry your car’s interior for just $6, a lot more affordable than other car washes in Maitland.

Super Express: Get the Super Express service for just $10. This great service includes an exterior express wash, wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash, and UV protection (to protect your car’s paint and glass from getting sun damage, which is the leading cause for paint drying and peeling on its own over time).

Ultimate Express: For $20, the Ultimate Express service gives you an exterior express wash, wheel cleaner, undercarriage wash, UV protection, a triple foam polish, and a tire shine. Not to mention that you also get the extreme shine wash and a complete surface protectant, which can come in handy when it is time for lady bug season. The surface protectant not only protects the paint from everyday scratching, but it can prevent bugs from clinging onto the paint.

So, ladies, when you need a car wash, be sure to come on Ladies’ Day on Tuesdays for discounts at Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers Maitland.