Express Car Wash Tips

The Importance of an Express Car Wash Once a Month

Most people are busy, just like you. With work, family, and possibly even school, there is no time to maintain your car as often as you would like. However, once a month, it is important to free up ten minutes of your time to preserve your car. By getting an express car wash, you would not waste too much time and you keep your car in the best shape. Here are some important reasons why you should do this at least once a month:

To Protect the Paint

Ever wondered how some people manage to keep their car’s paint so shiny? The color always shines and seems flawless. Still, they drive around just as much as anyone else. So how do they do it? What is their trick? Well, there is no trick. These people simply get an express car wash at least once a month. They know that a regular wash will maintain the paint, removing any watermarks left over by rain and piles of dust and even spider webs. This is essential at least once a month, because once your car is driven from place to place under sunlight, it will accumulate grime that will mask the paint, and this will lead your car to appear out of shape.

To Remove Harmful Bugs, Bird Droppings, and Tree Sap

Did you know that natural elements can ruin your car? For example, decaying love bugs on your car can eat at the paint because their bodies are acidic. Thus, over time, if love bugs pile up, your paint can peel off. Therefore, with everyday natural elements taking a toll on your car’s exterior, it is important to go to a car wash to get your car renewed at least once a month. With an express car wash, bugs are removed carefully and thoroughly. Bird droppings are washed away, even if they have dried on your windshield, windows, and paint. Tree sap is also safely cleaned off so that your car does not get any scratches or stains left behind.

To Protect the Windshield

A dirty car can also harm your windshield. Too much grime on the glass can cause scratches and sometimes even chips and cracks when wiper blades are used against the harsh dirt. These sorts of damages are costly. That is why taking your car to an express car wash at least once a month can help you avoid damaging your windshield when you are driving your car during rain or when you need to use your wipers to rinse new dust and dirt off. This is a precaution that will keep you safe on the road from an obstructed driving visibility. Plus, it will keep your windshield in ideal shape.

Getting an express car wash at least once a month is the perfect way to not waste your time all while preserving your car’s value and appearance. So be sure to get your car spoiled next time you have ten minutes to spare!