Lux Car Wash Pollen Removal

Fight Pollen with an Express Car Wash at Lux

Pollen strikes again, raining down everywhere and causing allergies. But you do not have to deal with it, you know. If your car is covered with pollen, bring it to Lux Car Wash in Altamonte Springs so that we can give you the best express car wash service of your life for an affordable price. Do not let pollen take over your prized car; let it shine and be clean this pollen-filled season. Here is what Lux Car Wash can do for your car if it us covered with pollen:

Avoid Allergies by Removing the Pollen from Your Car

Obviously, if you are allergic to pollen, it is a bad idea to drive your car when it is covered with it. You would be breathing the pollen in and making your allergies worse. Nevertheless, even if you are not allergic to pollen, driving a car covered with pollen is not healthy either. You are surrounding yourself with dust and a stuffy atmosphere, one that could be unpolluted. So, by bringing your car to Lux Car Wash for an express car wash service, you would be doing yourself a favor by eliminating the pollen and decreasing your chance of getting an allergy.

Protect Your Car’s Paint from Pollen and Dirt

Leaving your car covered with pollen is not just bad for you, it is bad for your car too. Think about it this way: the more dirt covers your car, the more the paint loses its shine and becomes damaged. Besides, when you combine the sun with pollen and dirt, grime can become harder to wash off from the paint, which further damages it. Therefore, it is best to go to a car wash at the first signs of pollen. Let your car get the wash it deserves and remove the layer of dirt that could potentially ruin the paint.

Keep Your Windshield Pollen Free

It is, without a doubt, easy to wash your windshield on your own. All you have to do is wipe the glass with your windshield wipers. However, did you know that using your windshield wipers to remove an excessive amount of dirt can harm both the wipers and the glass? It is true. The rubber in the wipers can get filthy and scratched, which in turn can cause scratches on the surface of the glass. As a result, it is safer to get your windshield washed at a professional car wash, like Lux Car Wash, where only the safest products and tools are used to clean your windshield and car.

Do not let the pollen get to you. Fight it off before it takes over your car. By going to Lux Car Wash and getting an express car wash service, you would be making the best choice in keeping both your car clean and protected from harm as well as keeping yourself safe from the allergies of the season. So what are you waiting for? If you have pollen covering your car, do not sit around and wait for it to get worse!