Holiday Shopping Car Care Tips

Why Go to Lux Car Wash Seminole County While Holiday Shopping

Lux Car Wash Seminole County believes in giving drivers the best services at fair prices. Drivers should not have to save cash on their water bills only to spend more at a car wash. For that reason, Lux’s prices are affordable. The basic express car wash at Lux is only $6, and the basic full service car wash is $16. With these prices and the top-of-the-line equipment that guarantee all customers get simply the best car wash and detail around, you cannot go wrong.

Lux Provides Plenty of Discounts on Various Days

On top of the amazing prices and services at Lux Car Wash Seminole County, you also get tons of amazing discounts. And what better way to treat your car this holiday season than to do so at a discounted price? So, if you want to save some cash, come on one of the many discount days and get the best service for your buck. There are three discount days:

  • Tuesdays: This is Ladies’ Day, where ladies can come in and take $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail service.
  • Wednesdays: This day is always special because it is a Wacky Wednesday, and anyone can come in and take $3 off an express wash.
  • Thursdays: This is Men’s Day, where men can come in and take $2 off a full car wash serviceor $5 off an express detail, much like Ladies’ Day discounts.

So many awesome discounts awaiting you!

Lux’s Unlimited Car Wash Club

Another reason to go to Lux Car Wash Seminole County during your holiday shopping is because they have the Unlimited Car Wash Club membership. This membership lets you pay a low-price, monthly fee, and then you can come to Lux Car Wash any time you want as often as you want throughout the month you paid for. In other words, you could come back ten times a day to get your car washed and you will not pay anything extra. The cheapest Unlimited Car Wash Club plan starts at $20, which is $0.66 a day. What a deal fit for a holiday gift!

Lux’s Free Vacuum Service

Love piling discount upon discount? Lux Car Wash does too! When you come in and get any service with Lux Car Wash, you also get a free vacuum service. You can literally come on Wacky Wednesday’s, pay only $3 for an express car wash, and get your car’s interior vacuumed at no additional cost. Things just keep getting better and better!

Come to Lux Car Wash Seminole County during your holiday shopping at the Altamonte Mall and treat your car to a great service at an affordable price!