Men's Day Car Wash Special

Men’s Day at Lux Auto Detail Center in Altamonte

Lux Car Wash and Auto Detail Center is truly the best place to go for an auto detail Altamonte service. Not only does Lux have top-of-the-line equipment, but the services there are simply of the highest quality. Not to mention that Lux has affordable prices for all, no matter what service car owners are looking for. Still, just to treat our customers every now and then, we throw a men’s day discount every Thursday. We do also have a ladies’ day, but today, we will share all the wonders of our men’s day discount.

How Much Discount Do Men Get?

When men come to Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers for an auto detail Altamonte service on Thursday, they get $2 off a full car wash service or $5 off an express detail service. So not only can you be assured that Lux Car Wash services are already affordable, but you can also get additional discounts. Why throw your money away when you can come to us and get the best savings and services in Altamonte?

Best Service, Guaranteed

Nothing is as good as knowing that you will get the best service around for every dollar spent on your car. At Lux Car Wash and Detailing Centers, we ensure satisfaction by going above and beyond industry service standards. However, if for any reason you are still unsatisfied, your car is backed by our 48-hour clean car guarantee. Just bring your car back to us and we will not rest until you get the service you deserve.

Free Gift

At Lux, we want to give you the gift of a free vacuum service. So on Men’ Day, be sure to ask us about this fantastic service, and we will thoroughly vacuum your car’s interior on us. What could be better than that?

Whether you come to us on Men’s Day or not, we have absolutely the best auto detail Altamonte services at the best prices. Come visit us on Thursday and get your Men’s Day discount!