Full Car Wash Service vs. At-Home Car Washing

Myths and Facts: Full Car Wash Service vs. At-Home Car Washing

Washing the car at home is the best way to save money, right? Wrong! In fact, you spend more money washing your car at home than you think. Below is a list of car washing myths to help you see why getting a full car wash service at a car wash is more affordable and ultimately better than washing your car at home:

Car Washing Myths

Myth: Better car finish when washing at home. Lots of drivers take pride in washing their own cars. They enjoy scrubbing out the dirt with their home tools and products. At the end of each wash, they are sure that they have made their car shine and look new again. So, that must mean that washing at home creates a better finish.

Fact: The sad truth is that washing your car at home can create many issues. In fact, doing the wash yourself will lead a dull finish. After all, if you are using home tools and products, you are more than likely scratching the surface of your car. Besides, most car cleaning products you buy at your local retail store have harmful chemicals in them that cause the paint to get damaged and lose its shine.

Myth: Thorough care when washing at home. It is believed by many car owners who wash their cars at home that doing so means they are giving extra attention to fine details and truly ensuring that their car gets cleaned meticulously.

Fact: Washing at home is thorough, but it is not beneficial to the car. Sure, you can spend thirty minutes or so cleaning every inch of your car, going so far as to clean the spaces in your tires. However, all this work will not make an improvement in your car. What you will get, though, is a damaged paint (as stated in the first myth). Plus, you would only be moving dirt around if you are using home washing tools.

Myth: Water conservation when washing at home. Some drivers believe that if they wash their cars at home, they can control how much water they use. They will turn on their water hose and only use the water for a total of five minutes, which would thus conserve water.

Fact: The water pressure in at-home water hoses is too high. Thus, even if you only use the water for a few minutes, you are wasting gallons of water. Additionally, because you are washing your car at home, you do not have the means to recycle the used water for a later wash.

Myth: You save money when washing at home. Drivers who wash at home always hold on to one hope: that they are saving more money by doing it themselves. By purchasing their own carwash detergent and using it over and over and not “wasting” water, drivers do not spend too much money.

Fact: Washing at home does not save you more money. In fact, just by using a water hose, you are going to increase your water bills.

Myth: Air drying the car at home is better. Many drivers believe that letting their car air dry is valuable because most things are better off being air dried, such as air drying hair.

Fact: Air drying your car is a terrible mistake. Doing so leaves stains and watermarks on your car, which dull the color of your car’s paint over time.

The Advantages of a Full Car Wash Service

So, now that you know that washing your car at home is not as great as you hoped it was, let us mention the advantages of going to a real car wash. At a full car wash service, you get a truly better finish and polish, you help conserve water since professional car washes recycle their water, you aid in protecting the ecosystem through not dumping detergents filled with harmful chemicals down storm drains, and you essentially save money by not spending your dollars on increased water bills.

A full car wash service is better for you and your car than washing your car at home despite what many false myths have led you to believe.