Protecting Yourself and Your Car During Hurricane Season

Orlando Hurricane Season: Protecting Yourself and Your Car

Hurricane season just started here in Florida, and so if you travel a lot or simply drive a lot, you should take precautions to stay safe and keep your car in good condition. Living in Florida, you can almost never tell when it will rain unless you check the weather broadcast. And even then, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact time it will storm. One minute the sun could be out and the next the world is a gloomy dark storm. The following simple precautions will keep you safe this summer:

Park Away from Trees

Usually people park under trees so their cars stay in the shade. However, when there is a storm or even a big chance of rain, you should avoid parking under or near a tree. After all, it is hurricane season, and even if you do not face an actual hurricane, the chances of your car getting struck by a fallen tree branch are high during this season. You have been warned.

Join a Roadside Assistance Membership

Things can go wrong when you drive even if you take perfect care of your car. Thus, it is important that you join a roadside assistance membership such as AAA (American Automobile Association). During the hurricane season, if one of your car tires loses air pressure or your battery dies, you will need someone to come and either tow your car or repair it. Besides, if it is raining, you do not want to be stuck in the storm.

Keep a First Aid Kit in the Car

It is always a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your car, particularly during the hurricane season. Even if you do not get in an accident, you or someone in your car might get a cut or get a stomachache, a headache, etc. Therefore, it is a good idea to pack a first aid kit in case anything goes wrong while you are on the road. It does not hurt to keep it as a precaution.

Keep Your Headlights Clean

If it is raining, you do not want your headlights to not work or to be hazy. As a result, make sure that your headlights (and all other lights) are working before you get in the car and always keep them clean. You can remove any haze from your headlights by cleaning them with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Combine these two ingredients in a cup and use a microfiber cloth to clean the headlights with the mixture. The haze will come right off and you will have headlights worthy of being in the rain. You can also try our Car Detailing services, if you prefer a professionals touch.

These are just a few hurricane season car protection tips to keep you and your car safe. Be sure to maintain your car at all times and ensure that it is working the way it should. Check your battery, your tires, and lights. And if you have a windshield chip or crack, get it repaired as soon as possible, as that damage can be extremely dangerous during a storm.

Have any questions? Contact the Car Care Professionals at Lux Car Wash. We are here to help.