Removing Pesky Love Bugs from your Car

Auto Detail Tips for Removing Pesky Love Bugs

A lot of you probably already noticed that love bugs are back in Florida, and they will not rest until their mating season ends. Love bugs are not that bad, except they seem to stick to cars like magnets, and this would not be so terrible if those bugs did not also happen to die on cars, leaving behind their acidic corpses. You may or may not be aware of this: Love bugs’ acidic blood can eat at your car’s paint. So, if you do not want your car destroyed during love bug season, take a look at the following auto detail tips to getting rid of those bugs:

Regularly Wash Your Car

Typically, we recommend that you wash your car once a month to keep it clean and in the best shape. However, during love bug season (and especially if you see love bugs on your car), it is a great idea to wash your car at least once a week. This way, you can ensure that you are removing all dead love bugs from your car before their body decomposes, leaving behind the destructing acidity. This is a wise auto detail tip to go by.

Use a Bug Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth

It is best to take your car to a professional car wash, especially when you see dead love bugs on your car. Why? Because car washes typically have the best tools and products that are safe for your car and its paint. Meaning that when you have a love bug on your car’s bumper that has become rusty and hard, a professional car wash can gently remove the bug without letting the paint peel off with it.

Nevertheless, if you prefer washing your car on your own, just make sure to stay away from regular household cleaning products and tools such as soap, detergents, sponges, towels, rags, Windex, etc. Although these products might clean things around your house, they are too harsh for a car and its delicate paint.

Instead, you will need to invest in two microfiber cloths, a high quality biodegradable car detergent, and a biodegradable degreaser. These three products are essential for a safe auto detail. Microfiber cloths are fine and soft, which makes them ideal for washing cars since they cannot scratch the paint or glass (plus they are cheap), and the reason you should purchase car products that are biodegradable is because it is illegal in the state of Florida to let chemically-filled soapy water down storm drains. We recommend SuperClean Cleaner-Degreaser (which is biodegradable) to use when removing love bugs.

When eradicating love bugs, be sure to spray your car with water first and then apply the degreaser over each love bug. Let the product sit for a few minutes so the bugs have time to soften, and then take the microfiber cloth and wipe the bugs off. The bugs should come off easily, and if they do not, you are doing something wrong and should stop before you ruin your car. Once you have removed the bugs safely, be sure to wash your car and remove any degreaser residue.

Wax Your Car or Use a Paint Sealant Treatment

There is no way to prevent love bugs from coming out during their season. Though, you can still stop them from sticking to your car. The easiest ways are getting your car waxed or using a paint sealant treatment. Both methods make your car’s paint slippery, forcing these pesky bugs to slide right off.

With these auto detail tips, you will be able to safely get rid of love bugs off your car without ruining the paint.