The Top 3 Orlando Car Wash Services at Lux

The Top 3 Orlando Car Wash Services at Lux

Going to an Orlando car wash from time to time is a great way to take care of your car and keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. And even if your car is old, getting it washed professionally is beneficial. Think of your car heating up under the Florida heat or accumulating bird droppings in places you yourself cannot reach. A car wash can help you cool off your car and keep it well-maintained so that the paint remains in good condition and you feel happy driving your car. So, when you go to Lux Car Wash, you can find three amazing car wash services. They are not the only services available; however, they are the most popular.

Express Car Wash Service

Going to an Orlando car wash and getting an express car wash service is convenient for those with busy schedules. And really, who does not have a busy schedule? Whether you are a student, a worker, a mother or father, or all the above, the express car wash will manage to help you get your car clean in a short amount of time.

The express service gets your car washed from the exterior to get rid of dust, bird droppings, tree sap and tar, and other things like dead love bugs. It leaves your car perfectly clean and shiny. The best part about getting an express car wash service? It’s quick, saving you time to do what really matters to you!

Full Car Wash Service

Getting a full car wash service when going to an Orlando car wash can be a nice way to clean both your car’s exterior and interior. If you have a lot of dirt inside your car (and who doesn’t?) then this is ideal for you. Lots of people who have kids and/or pets get this full car wash service at Lux to make sure that their cars stay in top shape—and smell nice too!

Unlimited Car Wash Club Membership

Do you park your car outdoors way too much to the point where you find your car dirty too soon after it has been washed? The Unlimited Car Wash Club membership can solve that problem for you. Why not pay a small fee to come back for a whole month and get your car cleaned at any time and as often as you want at no additional cost? Our membership packages start at $20 per month for the Unlimited Express Car Wash package. That’s only 0.66 cents a day!

These three popular Orlando car wash services at Lux Car Wash are by no means the only great services we have. However, they might be the perfect services for people with busy schedules, messy cars, and not enough washes. Find the service ideal for you and see for yourself why they are popular!