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Top 4 Blogs on Car Tips from Lux Car Wash

Who said that taking care of your car had to be hard? With the below four blogs from Lux Car Wash, you’ll be able to take care of your car effortlessly:

Why an Express Car Wash is Essential Once a Month Lots of people wait until their cars look like they took a ride through a rainforest before they take them for a wash. While this is okay to do once or twice, constantly leaving the car as a disheveled mess can truly tarnish its appearance and value. Just think, over many months and years of not washing the car, it is probably going to lose its shine and accumulate layers of dirt, dust, and bugs. Not to mention that splotches of rain can leave really ugly marks that are not easy to wash off after a long time. That’s where an express wash comes in. This service is important at least once a month in order to keep your car in a brand-new condition.

Full Car Wash Service Vs. Washing It Yourself Let’s face it, we can all be lazy sometimes and think that staying at home and washing the car ourselves is less time consuming than going to a car wash. We say to ourselves, “Washing the car at home is better for the car, cheaper, and conserves water.” Well, do we really know if any of these statements are true? To make matters clearer for you, we’ve decided here at Lux to make a list of car washing myths dealing with washing your car at home. This way, you’ll always know whether washing at home is truly the better choice or if you should finally take your car for a full car wash service.

The Best Car Detail Tips for Cleaning Your Headlights Your car’s headlights are very important for your safety and the safety of others on the road. With that in mind, it is necessary to continuously keep them clean, especially when they get a yellow haze over them that prevents the light from shining as bright as it is supposed to. Not only is this irritating if you are trying to see the street at night, but it is highly dangerous. With the following car detail tips, you will be able to clean your headlights and make them shine like they are supposed to.

Protect Your Car from the Sun with These Car Care Tips Avoiding the sun is the most difficult thing you could ever do. And in case you didn’t know, it’s probably not possible (unless you’re a hermit who never goes outside). What with work and school and other responsibilities, you just have to hop in your car during various hours of the day and drive off. After all, you can’t exactly call in to work and say, “I can’t come in right now, it’s too hot outside for me to drive.” Though, just as much as you despise the extreme heat, your car does too. Sure, your car can’t talk, but if it did, it would tell you that its insides are deteriorating from the sun’s sharp rays and that its exterior paint is getting dry. So, what can you do? With the following car care tips, you’ll finally learn the tricks to protecting your precious car from the sun.