Why Go to Lux Car Wash Over Other Car Washes?

Why Go to Lux Car Wash Over Other Car Washes?

Over the past year, Lux Car Wash made the investment on earning customers’ business by providing a superior service with each customer in mind. This means better equipment, better products, proficiently-trained staff, and only the best of the best car wash services. Here’s what makes Lux the best and why you should only go there:

Lux Has High-Quality Services for Affordable Prices

Lux Car Wash believes in giving drivers the best services at fair prices. Drivers should not have to save cash on their water bills only to spend more at a car wash. Thus, Lux’s prices are affordable. The basic express car wash at Lux is only $6, and the basic full service car wash is $17. With these prices and the top-of-the-line equipment that guarantee all customers get simply the best car wash and detail around, you cannot go wrong.

Great Discounts Throughout the Week

Everyone likes discounts. At Lux Car Wash, you have discounts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Some Testimonials from Facebook and Yelp:

If you do a quick search on reviews, you will notice that Lux has a 5-star rating. Here are some recent testimonials from Facebook and Yelp:

This place is hands down amazing. I had spilled a protein shake on the front seat of my brand new Corolla that I lease so I needed an emergency shampoo to treat the stain. I called ahead of time that day to confirm their closing time and get pricing. There was a misunderstanding about their earlier than normal closing time, due to a big storm and being short staffed, and I was disappointed I couldn’t get in immediately to treat the stain after work. Early the following morning I got a call apologizing for the misunderstanding and asked me to come by after work that day. I am so glad I went. They went the extra mile and made my car cleaner than when I drove it brand new off the lot (seriously). Not to mention the staff were incredible and so so nice. Special shoutout to Kevin – Holla! I will be going back from now on. So happy I found a great place I trust with my car and my business.” –Cassandra Lee Vystrcil (5 stars)

The Lux car wash is a new car wash on Okeechobee next to my office. They are very quick and do an awesome job on my vehicle. The staff is friendly and always attentive to each vehicle. Yes, they are open from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. during the week. Even during day light savings. They are in a great location. Stop by and let me know what you think.” –Brenda J. (5 stars)

This is the best car wash I’ve been to in years. Courteous and knowledgeable staff and the tunnel that my vehicle went through was Modern and state-of-the-art. My vehicle came out looking new. Thank you guys!” –Eric James (5 stars)

Amazing car wash without doubt, I was in town for the week and ended up trying this place and honestly never been to a better place. Such great customer service, the owner was in sight and was so friendly. Not even speaking how clean my car turned out. Amazing place, must try!” –Angela P. (5 stars)

Nothing beats the services, prices, and quality of customer service at Lux Car Wash. With all the great things this car wash can offer, come see for yourself.